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Happy Friday War & Peaceniks!

Today is a special video post, all about how big tech is using your data to sell you leggings, and how consumer behavior and government regulation is going to change all that. This is something I feel so strongly about, I wanted to put it my own actual voice, despite the grating sound it makes.

(And I use TikTok to make my videos, because it is an incredible creator platform that makes it easier for a luddite to edit and add catchy music - but I don’t make you watch it there so they can’t steal your data!)

Here’s the infographic from the Video:

Here’s another which shows just how much marketers believe regulation will affect their ads.

And here’s a link to the study that’s the source of the data in the charts.

Also, if you like me in video, next Tuesday at 4p EST I’ll be holding my monthly WebinWar & Peace Zoom session, where I’ll be diving deep in the new rules of the new Streaming Wars, and making some predictions for the second half of 2022.

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Enjoy The Weekend!