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I'm With Stupid

Speaking Truth To Powers

Happy Thursday War & Peaceniks. Just in time for the ping weekend, I got you a present(ation)!

This spring I’ve been fortunate enough to give my “Yes, And: How To Survive The Media Apocalypse” presentation in a number of fora (or forums) - from Cannes to Warsaw to Norway to Boston.

As I say in the clip above, my main theory is to lay out a reliable set of data in a narrative form, and offer a common language to help us better fathom the the actual change coursing through our Media ecosystem. To do this, I’ve found, it’s important to wake up stupid every morning, and to try and learn something new about something new everyday - if just to keep up with the now constant rate of change around us.

To help with this, here is a video of my full presentation, as I recently presented it at Streaming Media East.

Below my sign off, you’ll find a link to a downloadable version of my deck - with all the slides in the presentation, plus some special bonus slides and data!

Enjoy a good, long weekend.



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Evan Shapiro