2022: The Beginning Of The End

Happy Friday War & Peaceniks! Just in time for earnings season, Monday we held our monthly Webinar where we graded all the major media players on their readiness for the shifting sands of 4Q and 2023. The video is above.

Here’s the latest Media Universe Map.


4Q 2022 is a turning point for many media players: Netflix adds ads, so does Disney+. Meta and social media writ large stand in the center of an existential crisis of their own makings. TV Streaming stands at a crossroads and there’s evidence that Gaming may have finally peaked.

Subscriber stagnation and an impression recession are colliding into a perfect storm as 2022 winds down, and while this holiday season may bring presents for some, 2023 seems to promise coal for many in media.

The complete deck, data and slides I used in the presentation are downloadable at the link. Feel free to hit me up with any questions or to double click on any of the insights.

Fasten your seatbelts for 4Q!

Enjoy the weekend!


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